Pat Borowski Girls basketball tournament photography by Lloydlee Heite

Pat Borowski Girls basketball tournament photography by Lloydlee Heite

Photography by Lloydlee Heite photographed the Pat Borowski Girls Basketball tournament the other day and has some great action pics from the days games. The games were held at Lake Forest High School and we have action shots from Indian River vs Laurel, Milford vs Polytech and Lake vs Woodbridge.

Here are just a few pics from the games but if you would like to see all the game coverage just head to Be sure to keep up with for all the local great sports action! :-)
If you would like to see complete game coverage then just go to and click on view an event... then click on the large view an event link... look for the Laurel vs Ir game, Milford vs Polytech or Woodbridge vs Lake game.......

and then click on that link......Enter your e mail and the password which is basketball and enjoy all the great game pics...
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Thanks Lloydlee

Photography by Lloydlee Heite
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